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Long-Term Car Rental with Enhanced Privacy

Discover the ultimate convenience and discretion with our bespoke car rental service, paid with BTC or XMR.

I want to rent a car

Why choose us?

Number Plate Service

Register your car with us and keep your private address and personal information confidential.

Exquisite car selection

Access a curated collection of high-end vehicles tailored to your tastes.

No down payments

Start driving without the hassle of upfront costs.

Personalised service

Experience unparalleled service to meet your every need.

Flexible delivery options

Choose between convenient pick-up or delivery to your preferred location.

Freedom of choice

Customise your ride by choosing the colour, interior, and more.

Our fleet

We offer a wide variety of cars with no specific price limit.

From sleek sports cars to luxurious sedans, choose your dream car 
for your ultimate driving pleasure. 

Our long-term rental is available for the EU and Swiss citizens.

Simple rental process

Enjoy the freedom of a long-term rental with our 5-year plan, designed especially for savvy Bitcoin and Monero holders.

Flexible payments

Spread your payments across the term of 5 years, making high-performance cars accessible without too many questions asked.

Maximise your gains

Leverage your BTC/XMR price gains while keeping your investment.

When your rental period ends


Buy your car out

Keep the car you've come to love. You can keep your number plate.

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Return & exchange

Return your current car and exchange it for a brand-new model.

How long does it take?

Our straightforward rental process typically takes between one to two months, 
ensuring you can hit the road in your dream car without unnecessary delays.

How it works

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Contact us

Use a "Let's get in touch" button below or the contact form at the bottom of this page to send us your car rental request. 

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Name your dream ride

In your message specify which car you would like to rent. Add any requirements you wish for.

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Get exclusive options

We will send you handpicked car choices tailored just for you.

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Choose and relax

Select your preferred car, and we will handle all the paperwork. You can pick up your car or have it delivered to your desired location.

Ready to experience the benefits of our 5-year car rental service?

Begin your journey towards unparalleled road experience.

Discover our car purchase option

Looking to own instead?

Choose from a wide range of vehicles and pay directly with Monero or Bitcoin. Enjoy a seamless purchase process, exclusive ShopinBit number plates, and worldwide delivery. Whether you're a Bitcoiner investing in a new ride or a digital nomad needing a reliable vehicle, we've got you covered.

Privacy & security

High-quality cars

At ShopinBit, we work with reliable dealerships across Europe to bring you the best car to meet your specific needs. 

We’re proud to be official partners with Cygan Group, the largest Toyota & Lexus dealership in Central Europe, ensuring you have access to top-tier automotive options trusted by Bitcoiners.

Your journey to freedom begins here

Reach out to our dedicated team to begin your adventure with us. We're here to assist you every step of the way. 
Simply fulfill the form below. Happy exploring with ShopinBit!
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Trusted since 2018

We've always been committed to ensuring the privacy and security of our customers' data. Since our launch in December 2018, we've implemented measures such as: 

  • Optional Customer Accounts by default
  • Automatic deletion of all personal data after a 30-day period 
  • No marketing analytics like Google Analytics.

Our focus on privacy ensures that your valuable information is always kept confidential.