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SHOPINBIT Travel Agency

Our Travel Agency will make your trips unforgettable. Let us organize your business trips to Bitcoin Conferences around the world or plan your dream vacation with your loved ones.

No matter what kind of travel you need, our extensive industry and travel hacking knowledge will help you get the best experiences that fit within your budget.

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we'll send you a personalized offer within 48-72 hours (Mo-Fr). Book with us for stress-free travel planning!

Please note our service is best suited for budgets above 2,500€.

Contact us fully encrypted via https://keybase.io/shopinbit or use our PGP-Key for secure email communication.

How does it work?

Read our FAQ to find out how our Travel Agency can help you travel the best way possible

As a real Jet-Setter, you know your flightplans. Just fill out the form and provide us with the following information below:

  • Outbound/outgoing flight numbers
  • Inbound/incoming flight numbers
  • Class of Travel (Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First)
  • Seat type (aisle, window, extra legroom, etc.)
  • Hotel name
  • Hotel room type
  • Breakfast included?
  • Airport transfer needed?
  • Phone number (optional but recommended as travel issues are communicated this way the fastest)

Let our Travel Experts provide you with the best travel experience. To get you an excellent offer faster, please provide the following information below:

  • Desired time of departure for outgoing/outbound flight(s)
  • Desired time of arrival for outgoing/outbound flight(s)
  • Desired time of departure for incoming/inbound flight(s)
  • Desired time of arrival for incoming/inbound flight(s)
  • Desired area to stay in
  • Hotel Room type (standard, premium, junior suite, suite)
  • Airport transfer needed?
  • Other note

If you are a Company and want to outsource your travel needs, you can also use the SHOPINBIT Travel Agency.

Please provide the following information so we can prepare a tailored offer for you:

  • Number of Employees
  • Travel frequency
  • General Travel Class
  • General Hotel Class
  • Monthly Budget
  • Do you need short notice travel arrangements? (CEO Package)
Our travel agency is designed to offer maximum benefits - and sadly, low cost carriers don't make the cut. While you can still book flights with our assistance for these types of airlines, we strongly recommend exploring alternatives if you're looking to take full advantage of what we have to offer.
Unfortunately, due to past circumstances where local partners didn't follow through on their commitments, we want to inform you beforehand that additional services may be cancelled without prior notice. We can however arrange flights and hotels according to your preferences but can't give any guarantees for support services.
SHOPINBIT Travel Agency
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Trusted since 2018

We've always been committed to ensuring the privacy and security of our customers' data. Since our launch in December 2018, we've implemented measures such as:

  • Optional Customer Accounts by default
  • Automatic deletion of all personal data after a 30-day period
  • No marketing analytics like Google Analytics.

Our focus on privacy ensures that your valuable information is always kept confidential.