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Consulting / Speaking Engagement

Consulting / Speaking Engagement

In 2018, Lando found himself dissatisfied with the state of Bitcoin adoption. This dissatisfaction led him to craft a solution born out of necessity: the ability to purchase a graphics card directly with Bitcoin, bypassing the need for vouchers. This challenge ignited his vision to disrupt the European e-commerce landscape, demonstrating that it's possible to offer e-commerce without invasive surveillance and analytics, all while embracing the power of Bitcoin.

Today, with an impressive catalog of over 1 Million products available on our platform, it appears that Lando is nearing the culmination of his mission. Nevertheless, his commitment to inspiring the next generation of Bitcoin entrepreneurs and promoting the principles of free markets remains unwavering. Whether he's taking the stage at Bitcoin Conferences, captivating audiences through podcasts, YouTube videos, or leveraging his expertise at ShopinBit, Lando Rothbardian continues to drive innovation and education in the world of Bitcoin, Freedom and e-commerce as the "Last Middleman".

Ready to embark on your own journey into the world of e-commerce and Bitcoin? Connect with Lando Rothbardian, an experienced entrepreneur and renowned speaker who can guide you through the digital currency landscape. Invite Lando to energize and inspire your audience at your next conference. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the business and take the next step towards success. Contact us today to book Lando for your event!


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Returning Podcast Guest/Host (German)

Consulting Rates

We offer two types of rates:
Project based
Lando only takes on projects that adhere to BUILDL. This excludes any projects related to exchanges, tokens, gambling or governments. To initiate project-based consulting, we request a starting fee of 0.02 BTC for an initial project evaluation call.

Speaking Rates

The speaker's fee per appearance/day is shared upon request, and in addition to that, all travel expenses must be covered, including travel time.
Travel expenses include:
  • Accommodation
  • Transport (Flight,Train etc.)
  • Food&Beverages
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