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SHOPINBIT Cars & License Plate Service

Introducing SHOPINBIT Cars & License Plate Service - Your Gateway to Automotive Convenience and Privacy!

We're renowned as Europe's biggest Bitcoin Store, and now, we're extending our expertise to bring you two exceptional services: SHOPINBIT Cars and SHOPINBIT License Plate. Whether you're a car enthusiast or a digital nomad seeking convenience and privacy, we have the solutions you've been looking for. 


Imagine effortlessly organizing and purchasing cars from anywhere in the world, with the added convenience of worldwide delivery. SHOPINBIT Cars is designed with you in mind, whether you're a Bitcoiner looking to invest in a new ride or a digital nomad in need of a reliable vehicle for your travels. 

What sets us apart? Not only can you buy a car through us, but we also offer the option to obtain a SHOPINBIT license plate for your vehicle, adding a touch of exclusivity and style to your journey. And the best part? SHOPINBIT Cars offers worldwide delivery, ensuring a seamless experience regardless of your location. No more logistics hassles or shipping worries.

Please note that for cars with a value above 60.000€, ordering is limited to VIP Customers.

SHOPINBIT License Plate Service

For those who value privacy and lead a nomadic digital lifestyle, our Car License Plate service is tailor-made for you. Whether you're a frequent traveler for business with a home base in a different location or someone seeking to safeguard their residential address, our license plate service offers a unique solution.

One significant benefit of registering your car with us is the enhanced privacy we provide. When someone checks the license plate, they will only have access to our public company address, ensuring that your private address and personal information remain confidential.

In addition to the privacy advantage, we include a technical inspection as part of our yearly rate. Here's a breakdown of the inspection requirements based on your car's age:

New Cars (up to 3 years old): Enjoy a worry-free start with new cars exempt from technical inspections for the first three years following their initial registration. 

Cars 3 to 5 Years Old: For vehicles aged 3 to 5 years, a technical inspection is required every two years after the initial 3-year exemption period.

Cars Over 5 Years Old: Vehicles older than 5 years must undergo an annual technical inspection.

The annual technical inspection can be done at any Vehicle Inspection Stations (Stacje Kontroli Pojazdów) within Poland.

Our transparent pricing for the Car License Plate service is as follows:
2000 € for the first year and 1000 € for subsequent years (incl. 23% VAT).
Insurance is dependent on the car and age of the driver and will be charged separately. We only use fully comprehensive insurance.

With SHOPINBIT, you can seamlessly register your car while upholding your privacy and retaining the flexibility of a digital nomad lifestyle. Experience the convenience and security you deserve by choosing SHOPINBIT for your car needs.

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