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Jade Hardware Wallet

Bitcoin Economy

This product is part of the Bitcoin (Circular) Economy;
The Manufacturer gets paid in Bitcoin and supports our Mission. No Fiat Money or Banks involved.

Product information "Jade Hardware Wallet"

There is only one way to store your Bitcoin correctly: Fully open source. The Jade Hardware Wallet by Blockstream is not only running open source software but also hardware. Store your keys offline and use it's built in camera for easy going fully air-gapped transactions.

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Key Features of Jade Hardware Wallet

  • Advanced Liquid asset support
  • Camera for fully air-gapped transactions
  • Rate-limited, server-enforced PIN protection
  • Full-color screen with QR code support
  • Hardware Wallet Interface (HWI) wallet support for compatibility with Bitcoin Core
  • Independent PIN server support
Dimensions 60mm x 24mm x 17mm
Wallet Compatibility Blockstream Green for Android via Bluetooth and USB-C
Blockstream Green for iOS via Bluetooth
Blockstream Green for Desktop via USB-C
Sparrow Wallet
Specter Wallet
Connector USB-C
Screen 1.14-inch IPS LCD display, 240×135 RGB 16-bit
Control Click-wheel, application button
Battery 240 mAh

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