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21ENERGY S19 Pro Silent 96 TH


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Product number: 34_21ES19SX96
Manufacturer: 21ENERGY
Max. order quantity: 3
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Product information "21ENERGY S19 Pro Silent 96 TH "
21ENERGY S19 Silent

The S19 Silent is a SHA256 (Bitcoin - BTC) ASIC miner.

The 21ENERGY S19 Silent has 8 high performance fans instead of the usual 4.
Due to the specially designed ventilation adapters, 8 fans are installed on the S19 Silent.
This provides the S19 with a much greater cooling capacity and the fans rotate drastically lower than conventional S19 and is therefore extremely much quieter.

The 21ENERGY S19 Silent comes with the Braiins OS+ and thus has the autotuning function. With the Braiins OS+, the power consumption can be freely adjusted between 1616 and about 3000 watts. However, most S19 models need at least ~1700 watts to run stably and thus a bit more than the minimum setting of 1616 watts.

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