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UGREEN HD135 HDMI 2.1, 8K 60Hz, 1m cable


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Product number: 19_UGR549
Manufacturer: UGREEN
EAN: 6957303873197
Manufacturer product number: HD135 70319
Max. order quantity: 13
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Product information "UGREEN HD135 HDMI 2.1, 8K 60Hz, 1m cable"

UGREEN HD135 HDMI cable - create a cinema in your home

The UGREEN HD135 HDMI cable will allow you to create a true cinema in your home. Supporting up to 8K resolution, it allows you and your family to enjoy excellent picture quality. Compatible with a range of devices and durable, this product will open up thousands of new possibilities for you.

Stunning picture and sound

Delight in perfect picture and sound quality with this exceptional HDMI cable. With it, for example, you can transmit 4K 60 Hz video. Whether you're watching an interesting movie or an exciting match, the UGREEN HD135 will bring you even more excitement. What's more, HDR technology will make every picture surprise you with rich details and vivid colors.

Full compatibility

Thanks to the cable's wide compatibility, you'll be able to connect a wide variety of devices. You will easily connect your console, laptop, computer or TV Box to your TV, display or projector. Forget about possible problems - this unique product will work perfectly in almost any situation.

Comfortably work on 2 screens

The cable allows you to work on 2 screens simultaneously. With its help you will duplicate the image or expand it, providing you with additional possibilities. Comfortably watch a movie or work as you like - the decision is yours! UGREEN allows you to take multitasking to a whole new level.

Forget about transmission problems

Enjoy lightning-fast and stable transmission thanks to excellent quality copper conductors. Using an HDMI cable from UGREEN, you'll forget about delays and other signal problems. An unexpected failure will no longer interrupt you from watching a movie at the most interesting moment!

Delights with durability

Many factors are responsible for the exceptional durability and reliability of the product. The braided sheath is resistant to bending and wear. Zinc shields protect the cable from scratching and rusting. High-quality nickel-plated connectors further ensure optimal transmission quality. All this ensures that the UGREEN HD135 will serve you perfectly for many days.


  • Manufacturer UGREEN
  • Name 8K HDMI 2.1 M/M Round Cable with Braided
  • Model HD135
  • HDMI male connectors
  • Copper tinned cable
  • Resolution 8K@60Hz, 4K@120Hz

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