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  • Get 3% discount when paying with Bitcoin
  • Free EU-Wide Shipping from 21€. Bitcoin only!

Shipping & Payment


We ship to the entire European Union.

When paying with Bitcoin (XMR, or other Cryptocurrencies), shipping is free within the entire EU from 21€ (SATOSHI SHIPPING). If the order value is below 21€ it is 15,99€ for all countries.

When paying with Paypal, Paysera or prepayment the shipping costs amount to 15,99€ no matter how much you buy. (FIAT SHIPPING)

Please refer to the specific product for delivery times estimates. Usually the delivery takes between 3-5 business days, but can take longer depending on whether how far your location is away from Poland.

Note on VAT rates

The prices on our website are shown in Euros and include Polish VAT. Please note that the final price depends on the actual VAT that applies to your order. This depends on your country of delivery. For orders from other EU countries, the Polish VAT will be deducted and the VAT applicable to the country of destination will be calculated. You can see the final price including the VAT rates applicable to the ordered items in the shopping basket and on the last page of the order form.

Terms of payment

We use the current Kraken EUR rate for all cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, Lightning, XMR and other Cryptocurrencies (3% discount)

The average confirmation time is between 10 to 30 minutes.

Please make sure you set the transaction fees correctly before confirming your transaction. If you set them too low, your transaction may remain unconfirmed for up to 14 hours. Please understand that we can only process orders after the first confirmation.

Depending on the load of the network, the transaction fees can range between €0.50 and €5.
As there is no direct debit for cryptocurrencies, they are the safest payment method on the internet.

Bitcoin Lightning payments, on the other hand, are practically free and are confirmed within a few seconds.
Lightning payments are only possible for amounts up to €3000.

You can connect to our Lightning Node (Powered by VOLTAGE) via the following address (Node Address):

or via TOR:

We also accept Monero, DASH and Litecoin.
(You can also use Altcoins like ETH, BNB etc. through our Altcoin exchange partners, so we receive Bitcoin.

See the full list of supported coins here: Sideshift.ai or Fixedfloat.com)

What is PayPal?

PayPal is the online payment service that lets you pay in online shops securely, easily and quickly - and it's free.

Secure: Your bank or credit card details are only stored at PayPal. That's why they are not sent over the Internet again every time you make an online purchase.

Simple: You pay with two clicks. Because you access your bank or credit card data deposited with PayPal instead of entering them again for every purchase.

Fast: PayPal payments arrive quickly. Then the seller can send the goods immediately and you usually receive them sooner.

Due to security reasons, we only accept Paypal Payments for orders up to 1.000€


Transfer the total amount to our bank account. As soon as the amount has been credited to our account, we will send your goods.