Year in Review 2020

The year 2020 was an eventful one and not only for ShopinBit and the crypto scene, but also for the entire rest of the world. The M1 money supply of the US dollar increased by 50%, millions of people lost their jobs, and Bitcoin is at a new all-time high.

What all has changed at ShopinBit in 2020?

Earlier this year, we gave our site a new look. This new look allowed us to scale the site more to grow far beyond electronics.

Because of this, throughout the year we also added more and more everyday products to show that cryptocurrencies are not just a toy for nerds, but a payment method ready for mass adoption. These new product categories were as follows:


What could be more suitable for everyday use than bread when it comes to Bitcoin not as a speculative object, but as a real means of payment? Among the various types of bread, one in particular stands out: hyperinflation bread. This bread always costs 22316 Satoshi, no matter what the exchange rate is at the moment. From this Bitcoin bread index, everyone can see what a strong impact inflation had in 2020. In fact, this index went from 1.50€ to 4.20€ in just 9 months.

Pet Supplies

Not only people need food, but also our pets. That's why we added this category to our store and quite a few dog and cat owners have already taken advantage of our offer to buy pet food or accessories with cryptocurrencies.

Cleaning products

At the moment, this category is definitely interesting for many who want to prepare for spring cleaning. For this purpose, we offer both the cleaning supplies and the corresponding squeegees, vacuum cleaners or grippers.


Since gyms were closed for most of the year, many people had to rely on working out at home. We are happy to have been able to help by adding dumbbells, exercise balls, sports nutrition and more to our selection.


Probably the biggest integration among the various new product categories was the erotica section. This includes 7000 items from the subcategories of clothing, love toys and, of course, a large number of hygiene products.

Apple and Microsoft

To round out the electronics section, we have now added mobile devices to our range. From Apple we therefore carry the latest iPads, iPhones and MacBooks as well as various Microsoft Surface versions.

However, new product categories were not the only change at ShopinBit. In the spirit of open source and decentralization, we set up our own Bitcoin Lightning and Monero Node using a BTCPayServer and published the associated plugin for our store software on Github so that other merchants can integrate it into their store.

We would like to thank all our customers who have remained loyal to us in 2020 and wish you a happy new year in 2021, where Bitcoin will hopefully not only experience an all-time high in prices, but also an all-time high in new users.

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