Why we are giving away FFP2 Masks for free

We live in some pretty wild times. Whether it's Wallstreetbets, the "classic" Bitcoin revolution, or the fight against totalitarian states; everyone has their own fight and their own limit to when he or she is ready to stand up for their cause.

But you should be able to choose the place and time of your fight, so we offer you the choice. If you live in a state with a police state like structure and just want to go to work WITHOUT government requirements making your life difficult, then add our free FFP2 mask to your shopping cart. You will receive a mask for free with every order within the EU from 21€ order value (while stocks last).

But also if you urgently need one for medical reasons and other dealers want to rip you off, or there are delivery problems like everywhere, then just add it to the order.

It's just a small gesture and if it helps even one of you out there, I'm happy.

In this sense I wish you a pleasant weekend and remain

With kind regards from Berlin

Lando Rothbardian
Owner of ShopinBit

Tags: Bitcoin

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