Why not make a present of Crypto Art? (Posters and Canvases)

On our sister site SatoshiGoods, we work with several artists who have created original motifs on the subject of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for us. We also offer many of these artworks as T-shirts, but some of them really come into their own when they hang on the wall as posters or canvas prints.

These are the posters we'd like to share with you in this post, as they also make great Christmas gifts for friends and family who are passionate about cryptocurrencies themselves.

The Fiat Eater

There are many clichés about what a developer looks like, but who is to say that Satoshi has to live up to those clichés, and doesn't actually live up in appearance to the heroic qualities that characterise his work as the inventor of Bitcoin. To reinforce this impression, we have created the Fiat Eater motif, which perfectly reflects the hard struggle for a free money system.


Just yesterday, the European Central Bank announced that it will create over 1. trillion new euros. Anyone who has seen photos from Venezuela knows where this can lead: Mountains of paper money littering the streets as it no longer has any value worth picking up in the first place. This is in keeping with the spirit of NE(R)0 where a burning banknote is held in front of the old and obsolete buildings of the ECB.

La Femme Orange

The powerful of the world have always fought over money, but the money of the future is no longer that which they themselves can create at will. The money of the future appears in an elegant orange colour and is not disturbed by emotions because it is mathematics.


If you don't want just one poster, you can take advantage of our special offer: All 4 Bitcoin posters are available for 99,99€. Payable in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, of course, but also with fiat money if you haven't exchanged all of it yet.

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