What is a Bitcoin Full Node and why is the Raspberry Pi so popular?

The Bitcoin network is a peer-to-peer network. The individual network participants (peers) communicate with each other to ensure the ongoing consistency of the network. Anyone wishing to become a full-fledged part of this network must run the corresponding client software on their device. Only then does the device assume the role of a full node in the Bitcoin network.

In order to effectively operate a full node, however, this software should not be started from a normal home computer, as those were not constructed for permanent operation. Of course, it also makes sense on a home computer to install a Bitcoin Wallet and start it if required. However, if you run this device 24 hours a day, it consumes considerably more resources than would be the case with alternative options.

Among these alternative options, two in particular are very popular. The first is to rent a VPS with hardware located in a data center. This option is still very popular, especially with various altcoins, but since the Bitcoin blockchain requires a higher amount of memory, a generic €5 VPS is no longer suitable for this purpose and a much more expensive option must be used.

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The second option, which is very popular with those who like to have their Full Node at home, is a mini-computer like the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost hardware platform that generates little heat, consumes little electricity and can run silently 24 hours a day without any need to think about it.

Setting up a Raspberry Pi is not easy, but if you like to do computer tinkering, the Raspberry Pi offers not only a high degree of efficiency and safety, but also a great deal of fun and a learning experience not to be underestimated. Besides the traditional Bitcoin Full Node, the Raspberry Pi is of course also suitable for a Lightning Node or a Full Node to various Altcoins.

ShopinBit works together with RASPPISHOP, an official reseller for Raspberry Pi products, so that we can offer you all new Pi products right on time for the release. So if you not only want to run your own Bitcoin Full Node, but also want to pay for it with Bitcoin, you've come to the right place. If you are more interested in conventional hardware, you can take a closer look at our electronics department.

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