What have you always wanted to buy with Bitcoin?

Every crypto enthusiast wants a world where they can pay for everything with their favorite cryptocurrency: Whether it's food, luxury products or digital goods. But in what order will integration into the most diverse industries take place in the future?

There will not be an absolute hierarchy here. For this reason, one or the other snack bar has already integrated Bitcoin before the last web designer has followed suit. On average, of course, 100 web designers will still accept cryptocurrencies before 100 takeaways do so.

A similar loose hierarchy exists in the webshop space. Some products are more likely to interest the average crypto user, which is why webshops selling these products are also quicker to cater to this group of customers. Of course, from time to time you can also find a web store that offers very exotic products against cryptocurrencies, but on average, electronic retailers will probably outweigh these stores.

Therefore, it will not surprise anyone that ShopinBit also started as a webshop for electronics products and only later we added products that are only interesting for a part of crypto users.

However, in order not to randomly add what nobody is interested in, we need to constantly consult with our customers and potential customers about what integration would be useful for them.

That's why we welcome any messages on this topic, whether they reach us via social media, in our Telegram group, or in the comments section of our blog. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that we can actually find a supplier for a desired product category, but we will capture all comments to be able to prioritize accordingly.

And if you need a product faster and can't wait for a direct integration, feel free to contact us via our concierge service. We will get back to you as soon as possible with an appropriate offer!

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