Travel into the New Year with Bitcoin

Even though crypto fans are already used to many things, hardly anyone would have thought a month ago that we could start 2021 with a price that would exceed the start of the year from 01.01.2018 by more than 100%. However, this improbability has now become reality. We have been in the new year for only a few hours and the bitcoin price continues to stand at over 29. thousand US dollars.

How it came to this price increase, we do not even want to deal with here. In hindsight, it is always easy to point to specific events or a technical analysis to justify a price movement. However, much more important than a justification is a look into the future and the associated question of how the crypto community can use this development to present Bitcoin not only as a speculative object, but above all as a holistic ecosystem.

1. Education

While most people have heard the name Bitcoin before in the context of speculation (or drugs), very few people know the technology behind it or the underlying economics. And those who do set out on their own to discover the world of cryptocurrencies far too often fall into the trap of scammers because they lack the necessary exposure to cybersecurity.

For there to be widespread adoption of Bitcoin, there must also be widespread knowledge of Bitcoin, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and all related topics.

2. Development

Technologically, even with Lightning (and Liquid), Bitcoin is still far from allowing true mass adoption in a user-friendly environment. Education plays an important role here as well, because especially with more complex technologies, such as the Lightning Network, many crypto users also still lack experience, which they should acquire. And the applications that bring these technologies to bear also lack user-friendliness, so that they can be used by users with less technical understanding.

Already today, there are thousands or even tens of thousands of developers "doing something with cryptocurrencies." Many of these projects are open-source and can be supported by volunteers, whether writing the code, designing it, or finding bugs.

3. Application

What would cryptocurrencies be for "currencies" if no one used them like a currency, to be a payment method or store of value, for example. This is exactly why we created ShopinBit in the first place, because we wanted to show the world that Bitcoin can be used as a payment method. We also chose our products with this in mind. The more suitable for everyday use the more impressive, because while every VPN user knows that you can pay for this software with Bitcoin, not every bread eater knows that you can also have bread delivered via Bitcoin.

Therefore, our wish for 2021 is that many more businesses will decide to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method in physical everyday life as well. And related to that, of course, we also wish that many crypto enthusiasts take advantage of these opportunities, and support their local crypto economy.

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