Step into the world of computers with the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a very versatile computer that is not only popular among crypto enthusiasts, but also in many other communities. Whether you want to build a weather station yourself or set up a smart home in a secure way, the Raspberry Pi can be modified accordingly for both use cases.

However, the Raspberry Pi is also perfect for teaching children and young people about the world of computers in a holistic way, whereby the word holistic in this case refers to both the hardware and software levels.

There is even a very special offer for an easy start:

The Joy-Pi Raspberry Pi learning & experiments case!

The case uses the computing power and programming possibilities of the small computer and already comes with a permanently integrated 7" display as well as many different sensors, which can all be addressed via Python. The operating system used is already pre-installed on a 32 GB mSD card and a wireless RGB keyboard in QWERTZ layout is included.

So that the young users are not thrown in at the deep end, the case also comes with an extensive manual that explains in detail how to implement 20 different projects.

Due to its robustness, the case is also suitable for use in the classroom, as it can be easily put away and safely stowed away at the end of class.

If you want to give your children an insight into cryptocurrencies when ordering this case, you are of course welcome to order Bitcoin, Dash, Monero and many other coins from us. If you want to buy more accessories for the Raspberry Pi, you can find over 100 more accessories in the corresponding category.

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