Sorry Bitcoin but we cracked the 200k first!

You read that right, ShopinBit now has 200,000 products on offer. In addition, we have given our site a small facelift to better reflect our motto "More products". More space, more choice, more everything. You can now manage your everyday life a little more without the hyperinflationary euros. Just surf through the menu and have a look around. Or read here what we have up our sleeve:

Fancy a spin outdoors? Or do the kids need something to ride? Then this category is made for you.
E-bikes, city bikes, Dutch bikes and much more can be found here. With over 300 bikes, there is something for everyone. Of course we also have the right spare parts and accessories.

You won't find whole cars directly here yet, but everything about car care, maintenance, spare parts, accessories for the garage and even more.

If you're looking for a way to escape power-hungry wannabes, you'll find everything for outdoor survival in our outdoor department. From tents to wind- and weatherproof jackets, we have a huge selection of freedom tools for you.

You don't always have to play with doge: With us, even little Bitcoiners get their money's worth. With over 64,000 items in the toy category, you're sure to find something for your little treasure. Balls, frisbees, hoola hoops? It's all there. Your rascal prefers to stay inside? We also have puzzles, model kits, Playmobil and much more. Dolls and figurines for the empathic kids? Of course we do. Just click here to see the department.

Baby (subcategory of House and Bread)
For the smallest of the little ones, you'll really find everything here: from strollers to bibs to sleep sets. And of course there are extra toys for babies here again! You just can't have enough toys, can you?

Home and Garden (subcategory of House and Bread)
Whether it's a lawn mower or living room furniture, a spatula or a kitchen appliance, you'll find everything you need for your Bitcoin citadel here.

Glasses (subcategory of House and Bread)
Whether you need sunglasses, computer glasses, night glasses or reading glasses, you should find them here. The only thing we don't have yet are glasses with lenses made especially for you. Should we offer such in the future?
Then join our Telegram group here and suggest it!

And here are some other minor changes:

  • Payment in advance through wire transfer: If you don't have/want to use Paypal, you can now pay through wiretransfer.
    3% discount remains CRYPTO-ONLY!
  • Raspberry Pi & Cleaning Products: We are currently working these up therefore they are not in yet, but will follow in the next week.
  • More translations: The majority of our products now have English description texts as well
  • MORE ELECTRONICS: Our electronics selection has also increased and is better sorted. So you should be able to put together your new dream computer even faster. Click here for the electronics smackdown.
  • MORE BREAD: New breads from our master baker can be found here. (Delilvery only within Germany)

What do we have in store for you in the near future?

  • The return of Fitness products: New suppliers, new luck. Soon™
  • More Products: That's right, we're not stopping just yet. Penguins would be cute, wouldn't they?

But the most important thing comes at the end. Thank you for supporting me and my mission for the past two years. I look forward to working with you to usher in the end of fiat currencies/corporations.

On that note, I remain with kind regards from Berlin,

Lando Rothbardian
Owner of ShopinBit and

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