One Bitcoin = One Car?

One of the most widespread memes in the crypto market revolves around the Lamborghini brand. Many crypto fans humorously talk about buying a car of this brand once the Bitcoin price reaches a certain level.

But how practical is a Lamborghini for everyday use? So impractical that it will hardly be bought by anyone as a first car. Those who share Lambo memes today will still probably not buy a Lambo first tomorrow, but rather a Tesla or another high-end everyday car.

We are still a long way from one Bitcoin being the equivalent of a Lambo or even a Tesla. However, now that Bitcoin has reached its new all-time high of over $23. thousand, you can already buy a new car or two for a single Bitcoin.

Where can you pay for a car with Bitcoin? A quick Google search reveals that corresponding offers in Germany are very rare, even though there are already car dealerships in various neighboring countries (e.g. Austria and Switzerland) where you can pay with Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Is it possible to pay for a car with Bitcoin at ShopinBit? This is actually possible! Through our concierge service, you can actually order anything you want (as long as it's legal). This means that you can also write us that you would like to order a car of a certain brand. After we receive your request, we will immediately start searching and contact you with an offer.

If you have already had some experience with our concierge service, you can imagine that the process of ordering a car will be a bit more complex than ordering a watch, a TV or any other item that can be easily sent by mail.

Fortunately, ordering a car is not new territory for us. We have successfully carried out such orders in the past and received only positive feedback.

So, if the bitcoin price reaches the level that is enough for you to buy a car, write to us without obligation through our concierge service, and we will help you so that in the future you can also say about your car: "I paid for that with Bitcoin, the currency of the future!".

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