New Blocktrainer Cap in Bitcoin Orange

What is behind the hashtag #FF9900? A new game from Square Enix? Or an update for the popular browser from Mozilla? No! #FF9900 is the hexadecimal value that creates the orange tone of the crypto currency Bitcoin. If you convert this code to an RGB value, you get (255,153,0).

The great thing about hexadecimal values is that they can reflect an incredible width of colors. So they don't come close to reality, where there is an unlimited number of possible colors, but they do reach beyond what the human eye can see. Finding the right material for the right color shade is sometimes difficult, but we have managed to get as close as possible to our all-time favorite color, Bitcoin Orange, to create this original Blocktrainer cap.

"Who is the Blocktrainer," is probably only one in ten readers of this text will ask, because most German-speaking crypto enthusiasts are probably already familiar with Roman Reher, aka "Der Blocktrainer". On his YouTube channel it concerns everything that has to do with Bitcoin, Blockchain and decentralization. Its contents have to do thereby mostly something with technology and questions of principle and less with Hype and speculation, whereby it belongs to the most respectable Krypto YouTubern in the German-speaking countries.