"I want to pay with Paypal or Euros, why can't I do this here?!"

Because this is a Crypto-only online store. You can only shop here with Bitcoin, DASH, and the like. There are no exceptions.

"Yeah but why are you doing this?"

My idea was simple. I wanted to shop in cryptocurrency as simply as possible. This should be like the offline experience - fast and private. You go into the store, pick out your stuff, go to the checkout, pay and leave.
The customer has his goods, the merchant has his money and privacy has been preserved.

But how can this be done online?
With Paypal? Impossible, they track your every move as soon as you integrate it.
Klarna? The same shoe.
Credit cards? Same.

We don't have to track anything because Bitcoin, DASH, et cetera are prepaid. "Don't trust, verify." is the motto. Our payment process can therefore compete with the largest online shops in the debt-money system, because we only request necessary data. My goal is to ensure mass adoption in the long term, so that we all can finally live really free with hard money. Therefore we do not accept advance payment by bank transfer.

"Pardon? I should pay in advance? Why should I trust you?"

Because I opened ShopinBit in December 2018, and it is now Europe's largest crypto supermarket, with over 90,000 products.
You are welcome to contact me directly on telegram and ask me questions.
Or take a look at the following links (german):

Do you think that in the crypto-community it would not spread around that someone with a huge online shop and German imprint is cheating people for their money and gets away with it scot-free?

"Okay, and why is this more private than other sites?"

You don't have to open an account with us. In fact, we've made this our default. That means you have to actively uncheck "Don't create an account" to create one. For this purpose we pseudonymise all personal data 30 days after your order and delete the e-mail traffic. This is of course only valid for orders without a customer account.
As a bonus, all invoices under 250,-€ are without customer address regardless of whether you have a customer account or not.

The invoices are stored offline by us, because we have to keep them for 10 years due to the current legal situation.

We also have a newsletter. You can subscribe to it voluntarily or not. We do not impose it on you. If you want to use a newsletter without giving us your e-mail address then join our telegram channel.

"What about warranty claims if I don't have a customer account?"

Keep your invoices safe. If you do not have an invoice, we cannot help you. With an invoice you off course have the legal dealer warranty of 2 years as well as the 14 day right of withdrawal.

"What about refunds?"


  • If we make a mistake, e.g. you receive the wrong product, we will give you your coins back precisely.
    As an illustration: You have paid 1 BTC but received the wrong product. You send the product back to us and receive 1 BTC back.
  • If you make use of your 14 day right of withdrawal you will get back the current Euro value.
    In other words: You have paid 1 BTC but now want to return the product. After receipt of the product we will take the current Coinmarketcap.com Euro exchange rate. In the meantime, the exchange rate has risen and you will only receive 0.85 BTC back. These are only sample numbers for illustration.

"What cryptocurrencies are accepted?"

Bitcoin, DASH, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), Lightning and Litecoin.

"How does your payment process work with Bitcoin, DASH, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin?"

After you have placed your order you must first select your coin.
The following window will then appear:

QR Normal:
Use this QR code if your wallet supports the BIP70 protocol. If you are unsure whether your wallet supports this, use QR-Legacy. Simply scan the QR Code with your Smartphone wallet of your cryptocurrency. This will transfer the address of our wallet and the amount in the respective cryptocurrency to your smartphone. Check if the amount is correct and confirm the transaction.

Note for Bitcoin payments: Please set the transaction fee high enough so that the network confirms your transaction as soon as possible. If you choose a transaction fee that is too low, the confirmation may take several hours. Remember that we only process your order after 1 confirmation. If there are 0 confirmations, you will already be redirected to the thank you page. We wait in the background for the first confirmation.

With DASH we accept InstantSend, which means that your order will be processed immediately after about 1.3 seconds.

This QR code works with all known wallets. The handling is the same as with QR-Normal.

If you are sitting at your PC and cannot scan the QR-Code, the tab "Details" shows you the address and the amount you should send to us. You can copy the amount and the address by clicking on the respective paper clip.

Please note that the English decimal point rules apply to wallets. Use the period instead of the comma to send smaller amounts. Most wallets will not accept comma input, so this is more of a hint.

"How does the payment process work with Lightning, Monero or Bitcoin SV?"

After you have received your order confirmation, please reply to the email with which of the three coins you want to pay. We will then send you the address, the amount and the exchange rate used. As soon as there is also 1 confirmation, the order will be processed. Afterwards you will also receive your invoice.

"I do not know how I can send money with Coin/Wallet XY. Can you help me with this?

Unfortunately no. However, you can contact the following telegram groups to get an answer as soon as possible:

"I want you to accept my Coin XY!"

There are two ways to have your coin listed with us:

  1. Many customers comment when ordering that they want to use your coin in the future. As soon as we have enough comments from paying customers, we will add the coin.
    Successful communities: Lightning, Monero and Bitcoin SV.
  2. You pay a review fee of 1 BTC (one whole Bitcoin) to have us do a detailed review of your coin. If it turns out that your coin does not meet our internal standards, we will not list the coin.
    The fee must be paid in full before the review. You will not be refunded if your coin is not listed.

"Why should I pay 1 BTC for a review?"

If you want your coin to be listed on an established exchange, you pay considerably more. Your users will be happy that they can use your coin for something else than pure speculation.
Furthermore we receive about 20 coin listing requests per week. This is our spam filter.

"Can't you make an exception and list our coin just like that? We are the [ARGUMENT 1], [ARGUMENT 2], [ARGUMENT 3]!"

No. There are no exceptions.


If you have any further questions please contact me on telegram or via our contact form

Best regards from Berlin

Lawrence a.k.a. Lando Rothbardian
Twitter: @lrothbardian

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