Buying Cat Food with Bitcoin?

Animals need species-appropriate food not only to survive, but also to survive healthily. Especially cats are often threatened by diseases that also occur in humans as a result of improper nutrition, such as diabetes and rheumatism. In the same sense, the owners of the cats also need healthy money to protect themselves from monetary "diseases", such as hyperinflation and the Cantillon effect.

To achieve this combination of healthy food and healthy money, we at ShopinBit offer many different types of cat food, whether dry food, wet food or snacks, all of which you can pay for with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These are the areas we want to take a closer look at in this post.

What do cats need in terms of food so that we can speak of a healthy diet? This depends mainly on the weight and age of the cat. On this page you will find, for example, a table that assigns a recommended amount of wet food to the weight of your cat.

Dry Food

If you have only ever bought food in the drugstore, you will be surprised to find that there are many more brands with many more varieties than you would think. In the category of dry food alone, there are 74 different products, and this does not include the selection of different contents.

Some of the products are specially designed for different breeds, while others are suitable for sterilized cats. Also for cats suffering from certain diseases, there is specialized food to help them recover.

Wet Food

The selection of wet food far exceeds the selection of dry food. Instead of 74 products, we currently carry 291 different cans and bowls in this category. However, we offer these products not only individually, but also in value packs that contain several cans of different varieties.

Again, different products are especially suitable for cats of different breeds and in different circumstances.


Cats love snacks, but most snacks are not only tasty, but are also supposed to carry a certain ingredient that is of great importance to the particular cat.

In this category we carry "only" 53 different products, but we are sure that there is also the right product for your cuddly tiger.


Especially for future cat owners, the bowl is of course a must-have. Here it is also important that not only a bowl for the food is available, but also a drinking bowl to quench the thirst,

If you are looking for other accessories that have less to do with food intake, you will also find a large selection in our cat world, whether scratching post or transport box.

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