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Three months ago we added a new category to our store, which in a short time has become one of our most popular categories: erotic products. Why is this category of all categories so popular? We don't know exactly, because we respect the privacy of our customers, but it might be related to the fact that we respect the privacy of our customers.

People who order products that have a very intimate character usually want as few people as possible to know about this order. For this reason, an above-average number of customers choose to pay with cash when making a purchase in an erotic store. When ordering from an online store, the use of cryptocurrencies offers a similar advantage.

Like paying in cash, paying with cryptocurrencies does not leave the name of an adult store on the bank statement. So it eliminates an entire entity that would otherwise know about the purchase, in some cases even about the products purchased.

The example of erotic products shows very well that privacy is not something that only criminals want, which is why the active protection of privacy should not be criminalized. Privacy is a human right that governmental and non-governmental actors should respect, because violating privacy can expose people not only to an embarrassing situation, but also to a real danger.

Therefore, to enhance your intimate life in a safe way, we offer you a wide selection of over 7000 erotic products from clothing, sex toys, BDSM and drugstore.

To round off this offer, we also offer free shipping worldwide from a certain purchase amount:

From 20€ FREE SHIPPING to Germany*.
From 50€ FREE SHIPPING to Europe (incl. CH&GB)*
From 121€ FREE SHIPPING to USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia**

*applies only to products from the category erotic and the shipping method "Liebesexpress".
**Net prices. Only products from the category erotic can be shipped to these countries

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