Bread and Circuses - How suitable for everyday life are cryptocurrencies?

If we pursue the question whether cryptocurrencies are suitable for everyday life, we should first define what the everyday life of most people consists of. They get up in the morning, go to work, consume food, seek entertainment and spend time with friends and family.

For many of these elements, it does not matter what currency you have. Friends remain friends, sleep remains sleep, and even work remains work for most people, as it has no influence on the monetary orientation of their business (exceptions confirm the rule).

If it concerns however the two other points, food and entertainment, then it makes quite sense to ask the question: "How much are cryptocurrencies suitable for everyday use in these areas? Or in other words: "How many of my everyday purchases can I make with the help of cryptocurrencies?


Food is something we cannot do without. We can do without certain foods, but not the entire product category. How many subcategories would we have to do without however, if we wanted to live only on crypt currencies The answer may astonish one or the other, because we have to give up almost nothing.

With this I do not mean that one should order each day over Lieferando and pay with Bitcoin, even if this would be likewise possible. It is much cheaper to buy vouchers for a supermarket and go shopping with them as normal. This is possible e.g. via the provider Bitcou. Here now perhaps someone may object that that is cheated, since one does not buy with the cryptocurrency, but with the coupon.

This objection is quite justified. Coupons are momentarily a comfortable possibility, for all those, which want to receive their salary in crypto and live completely on it, but they are no direct payment, with which the dealer also realizes that the customer had paid in crypto.

If you want to pay food directly in cryptocurrencies, you have to search the Internet and will not find a single store where you can get everything at once. With us (ShopinBit) e.g. there is fresh bread and rolls as well as liquor available through our Concierge Service. If you want organic products, you will find an interesting selection at the stores SugarTrends and KaufDaHoam, especially when it comes to coffee or toppings.


As with food, the same applies to entertainment: vouchers can ultimately be used to pay for everything in cryptocurrencies, from Amazon to Netflix, from Steam to myToys. Unlike food, however, there are more possibilities for paying for products directly with crypto when it comes to entertainment.

We offer a comprehensive hardware assortment from which anyone can assemble a high-end PC. We also offer many of the latest gaming highlights and we are not the only store where you can pay for games with cryptocurrencies. There are even more and some of them have a very respectable selection.

If you are looking for products to pursue another hobby, please contact our Concierge Service. Through our suppliers we can access a product catalog of over 90,000 products and if necessary we can look beyond that to your wishes.

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