How to get 3% Discount on all purchases

Use Bitcoin as intended and save with every purchase!

Our Lightning Gift to the Bitcoin Community

We are releasing our Shopware BTCPayserver Plugin for free and explain how we implemented Lightning into ShopinBit and SatoshiGoods.
There will never be more than 21 million Bitcoin. Here you can find out the technical reason for this and why it is important.

Can Bitcoin be hacked?

Bitcoin has been hacked, we read again and again in the media. But how much truth is behind this assertion?
Is it possible to live on cryptocurrencies already today and pay everything with Bitcoin?

Where to Pay with Bitcoin and Why?

Where to pay with Bitcoin? This is a question crypto fans often hear, but the why is also important.
ShopinBit is working together with RASPPISHOP so that we can now offer you all new Pi products
Bitcoin is not just plain orange, it is a specific orange that hides behind the color code #FF9900.

Krypto-Hodln vs. Krypto-Hamstern

Hodln & Hamstern? Wo ist da der Unterschied?
Whether trader or gamer; here you will find the right monitor

The ShopinBit Relaunch

We are back online! New Products, new platform and MORE Privacy? Click here to read all about it!