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BTCTKVR Magazine 3 - ShopinBit Special Limited Edition (1 of 50)

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We're excited to introduce the BTCTKVR Magazine 3 - SHOPINBIT Special Edition ! In this latest... more

We're excited to introduce the BTCTKVR Magazine 3 - SHOPINBIT Special Edition! In this latest issue, author Vlad Costea takes on Chat-GPT, the almighty god of wisdom, and its misinformation about Bitcoin. Follow Vlad's journey as he confronts this billion-dollar machine in a beautifully designed magazine that seamlessly switches between Pop-Art and Film Noir styles.

Each chapter in the magazine tackles a different FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) point about Bitcoin, providing you with unique insights and perspectives. It is not only a must-have for Bitcoin enthusiasts but also a perfect gift for Precoiners who are still unsure about Bitcoin. It offers a tangible way to show off the "Bitcoin Standard" quality level and can help dispel doubts and misconceptions surrounding the world's leading cryptocurrency. Each chapter provides unique insights and perspectives, making it an informative and engaging read for anyone interested in learning more about Bitcoin.
This limited edition magazine is signed and numbered by Vlad himself and features a stunning golden and 3D highlighted cover. With a 370g paper cover and 92 pages of 130g paper, it rivals even the most luxurious fashion magazines.

The special edition is limited to only 50 pieces, so don't miss out. You can either pick it up in person or have it shipped to you. If you're attending the BTC Prague Conference, visit the SHOPINBIT & PLEBBIN Booth (#42) to pick up your copy and have a Meet&Greet with your favorite Bitcoin influencer's influencer.

Delivery starts from June 12th, 2023, and pickups are possible during the BTC Prague Conference from June 8th-10th, 2023. Don't forget to use the code SHOPINBIT15 for 15% off if you still need tickets. Order now and join Vlad on his quest to uncover the truth behind Chat-GPT's misinformation about Bitcoin.

All profits of this magazine will be shared 50% with BTCTKVR Podcast.

Note on the digital version: It is optimized for digital reading (smaller in size) but the content is identical to the open source version which is available for free on the BTCTKVR Website. If you want to show your appreciation in hard money, then this version is for you. All profits of the digital version are going directly to BTCTKVR.

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