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NEW: Buy over 50. Thousand Sports Items with Bitcoin

Summer is just around the corner and with it the time of year when most people go outdoors, take advantage of the good weather and do sports. If you need a new pair of shoes or accessories for a new hobby, we now have a wide selection of sports articles for you to choose from. We have divided our sports department into 8 categories, where you can find over 50 thousand items in total.

In this blog post we would like to introduce you to these 8 categories so that you know immediately where to look to find the right items.

Ball Sports

Many different sports revolve around a ball, but the size of the ball and the number of players varies greatly. From the small tennis ball to the large basketball, we have covered 10 different ball sports in this category, where you can find not only the balls, but also a lot of accessories.


When it rains or storms, sporting activities often move indoors, although there are also sports that have their home indoors or in a pub. Here you will find indoor sports like squash as well as billiards, darts and bowling equipment.

Fitness & Gymnastics

As we write this post, most gyms are still closed and many athletes are therefore looking for weights, equipment and other training items for their home gym. As we unfortunately had to deactivate our old fitness category last year, we are now even more pleased to cover this area again.

Martial Arts

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts are also passionate about MMA or boxing. In 2017, various cryptocurrencies even sponsored well-known UFC fighters. If you are looking for suitable clothing or equipment, you will find it here.

Clothing & Shoes

You don't want to go running in jeans? Understandable! But even more important than sportswear is footwear, because a running shoe that doesn't fit properly will quickly take the fun out of physical exercise.


The bitcoin price isn't the only thing that can climb high. If you're looking for equipment for mountain climbing, you've come to the right place. However, there are many other types of outdoor sports that we cover with this category.

Water Sports

Don't forget to put your mobile phone in a safe place before you go into the water. Otherwise you may need your wallet recovery phrase sooner than you originally intended!


Winter is still a long way off, but if you're an avid skier or skater, bookmark this category because next winter is coming for sure!

Are you curious? Then come here to our new sports category: https://shopinbit.com/en/cat/index/sCategory/8493

Tags: Sport, Fitness

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