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"Jesteśmy wiedźmami" ShopinBit 3.9ish Update

Fellow Bitcoiners,

you know me, and you know what our mission here at ShopinBit is: Make living on Bitcoin possible without taking easy (fiat) shortcuts.
Therefore we were looking for options on how to improve our service even more.

So we expanded to Poland and are now a proud Polish company!
You might ask yourself:

Here are a couple of reasons:

  • Germany loses Bitcoiners by the minute
  • We had a noticable increase from customers from Poland and Eastern Europe
  • We want to expand even further and become one of the best Bitcoin employers in Europe
  • We need every edge to remain Europes BIGGEST Bitcoin Store

So we go with the flow, away from treason and start the next stage of our expansion.

Because Poland loves insane Entrepreuneurs who do stuff that is profitable in Hard Money Terms, we got a couple of nice new features:

  1. SATOSHI SHIPPING: Yes you read that right, that means free shipping within the WHOLE EU for all orders above 21€.
    This is of course Bitcoin (and Altcoins) only.
    If you prefer Fiat Money....
  2. FIAT MONEY SHIPPING: If you still use Fiat Money it's 15,99€ excl. VAT for all countries.
  3. MORE COINS: Thanks to Polands love for innovation and the awesome work of the BTCPAYSERVER Crew, we can now offer you TWO Altcoinexchange partners which love to exchange your gambling gains (like ETH, BNB etc.) into hard Bitcoins for us! Check out Sideshift.ai or FixedFloat.com to see which coin they accept.
    To use it just choose Bitcoin at checkout and when you are prompted the QR Code click on either Altcoin (Sideshift) or Altcoin (FixedFloat) to use your favorite coin.
  4. NO MORE NEW COINS: We no longer accept any requests for Coin integrations. Contact Sideshift or Fixedfloat to get integrated, or just build on Bitcoin.
  5. Poland is now the standard delivery country, so the prices are always shown with Polish VAT (23%). Just change your delivery country and the correct VAT will be calculated.

But wait, there's more!

  • "Kochamy ciebie!" means "We love YOU!" so in the spirit of the upcoming Valentinesday our Concierge Service has a reduced fee rate. Until 14th Febuary all requests over 1.000€ only have a 2% fee instead of 5%! Click here to get yourself or your loved ones something extraordinary
  • New privacy features and services coming soon
  • WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: We are working on our new Polish Warehouse and it should happen this year (Q3, maybe?). Stay tuned.
  • New products. We got a couple of new suppliers in line. We will break 1 Million products this year. ASAP.
  • We are hiring. Jobpostings will open soon.

So please enjoy our 300.000 Products in the meantime and live on Bitcoin!

Best Regards from Szczecin

Lando Rothbardian

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