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Do Your Christmas Shopping with Bitcoin

Advent has begun and the first families are already decorating their homes with Christmas decorations, while children are writing their wish lists and hoping for enough snow for sledding and colorfully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. This Christmas will also bring special joys for Bitcoiners: Never before has the bitcoin price been so good at the beginning of December as it has been this year.

Of course, we don't know if this will continue, but what we do know is this: If you buy Christmas presents now and pay for them with Bitcoin, you'll not only get a 3% discount, but you'll also have the opportunity to tell your family members about how you paid for the presents on Christmas Eve, which should probably convince one or two Nocoiners that there's more to Bitcoin than "Internet toy money."

Christmas Decorations

Before you wrap up your Christmas presents, you'll probably want to wrap up your home in a Christmassy garb first. We've got that covered too, whether it's baubles for the Christmas tree, Christmas villages, fairy lights or window decorations: we carry more than 1000 Christmas decoration items and there should be something for every taste and color combination.

Toys for Children

Many adults no longer give each other gifts for Christmas, but children hardly have to go empty-handed in any family. As diverse as the wishes of the children are, so diverse is our product range. From children's bicycles and Playmobil to remote-controlled cars and microscopes, we have everything that the growing Bitcoiners could possibly want.

Gifts for Adults

Are you looking for something for your partner, parents, siblings, friends and colleagues? Then take a look at our other categories: Sports, Outdoor, Furniture & Home and Electronics offer a variety of big and small delights.

Note: If you are planning to buy Christmas gifts through our site, then you should order as early as possible so that the gifts arrive in time for Christmas.

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