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Projectors are becoming cheaper and of higher quality, which is why many people use them as a replacement for the television.
No computer likes to be disconnected from the power. To prevent data loss, many companies and private individuals therefore rely on UPSs.
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From family photos to underground music: Time and again, data is lost forever if we don't protect it properly
There will never be more than 21 million Bitcoin. Here you can find out the technical reason for this and why it is important.

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Can Bitcoin be hacked?

Bitcoin has been hacked, we read again and again in the media. But how much truth is behind this assertion?
The Speyside region is home to many famous whisky distilleries. Besides Glenfiddich and Macallen, the listed Benromach distillery is also located there.
Tags: Whisky, Speyside
Is it possible to live on cryptocurrencies already today and pay everything with Bitcoin?

Review: Crusader Kings III

Will Crusader Kings III meet the high expectations of the fans? In this review we take a look at the newest part of the series and the first mods.
Where to pay with Bitcoin? This is a question crypto fans often hear, but the why is also important.
A popular way of giving Bitcoin as a gift are so-called Paper Wallets, which any user can easily print themselves with a printer.