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Concierge Service (Ordering service)


Our concierge service lets you purchase everything for Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin or DASH.
(You can also use Altcoins like ETH, BNB etc. through our Altcoin exchange partners, so we receive Bitcoin.
See the full list of supported coins here: Sideshift.ai or Fixedfloat.com)

There are two options for this:

  • We can purchase the item from our suppliers = No additional fees
    We have the following products among others in our product range:
    -Server solutions
    -All English and Polish Books including procurement of rare editions.
    -SATOSHIGOODS by ShopinBit Art, Shirts, Merchandise etc. (Worldwide Shipping)
  • We have to procure the article for you elsewhere = Concierge Service

With the Concierge Service we look for the cheapest, fastest and safest way to organize your desired products.
Please note that this is a Premium Service with EXTREME high demand.
with an order value below 1.000€ (0,01€ - 1.000€) have a fixed fee of 50,00€ (VAT included).
Orders with an order value above 1.000€ have a fee of 5% on the total price.

We can only provide you with products that are legally available in Poland.

We are shipping within the whole European Union!
Worldwide Shipping on case-by-case evaluation (Exception: Our SATOSHIGOODS Products can be shipped worldwide).

This is how it works:

  1. Write us as detailed as possible which products you would like to order.
  2. We will answer you within 24-48 hours with an offer (Only Monday-Friday)
  3. Optional: Contact us fully encrypted through https://keybase.io/shopinbit
    You can also use our PGP-Key from Keybase to send us an encrypted message via E-Mail.

If you agree to our offer, you will be asked to pay the total amount. We will then order the article and send it to you. Of course you will also receive tracking codes for this.

Your advantages:

  • 2 years retailer warranty
  • No KYC
  • No more use of Euros necessary
  • One contact person for everything

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Concierge Service (Ordering service)
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