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Concierge Service (Ordering service)


What is the Concierge Service?

With our Concierge Service, we get you anything and ship it worldwide.
Think of a personal shopper combined with the best concierge you ever met at a Hotel.
Whatever you need purchased -that is legal in Poland- we can organise it for you.
This can range from Subscriptions for Online Services to High-End-Products like Camera Lenses, 8K Beamers, importing products to Cars and more!
There is almost no limit what we can organise for you.
Our focus is maximum privacy and convenience for you.

For our Travel Hacking Service: Click here!

How does the Concierge Service work?

Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and describe what you want (or provide a link if you have one). We will then get back to you with an offer within 24-48 hours (Mo-Fr). If you agree to our offer, you will be asked to pay the total amount. We will then order the article and send it to you. Of course you will also receive tracking codes for this.
If you want more privacy for communications you can contact us fully encrypted through https://keybase.io/shopinbit
You can also use our PGP-Key to send us an encrypted message via E-Mail.

How much does the Concierge Service cost?

We look for the cheapest, fastest and safest way to organize your desired products.
Please note that this is a Premium White Glove Service with EXTREME high demand.
with an order value below 1.000€ (0,01€ - 1.000€) have a fixed fee of 50,00€.
Orders with an order value above 1.000€ have a fee of 5% on the total price (Product Price + Shipping = Total Price).

What forms of payment do we accept?

We accept:

  • Bitcoin
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Altcoins (All Altcoins which are supported by Sideshift.ai or Fixedfloat.com including but not limited to ETH, BNB, LTC)
  • EURO (only through wiretransfer)

What are the main advantages of using the Concierge Service?

  1. 2 years retailer warranty (on all new bought products)
  2. No KYC
  3. One contact person for everything

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Concierge Service (Ordering service)
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